I’m in the mood to spread a little love today. Reflecting on just over a year ago when I had the very awesome privilege of shooting Rebecca & Warren’s wedding at the University of Pennsylvania’s – Museum of Anthropology in Philadelphia. This wedding was nothing short of epic moments throughout the entire day. These two are both such beautiful people, inside and out. I loved their classic and stunning attire. I loved their expressive and amazing friends and family, who are all clearly the most perfect reflection of them. I loved their heartfelt and absolutely jaw dropping beautiful vows, reaching deep into each others’ raw hearts for all of us to hear and see. Their wedding day was the same day as the Kentucky Derby…and would you know it, Rebecca Nyquist’s namesake horse – Nyquist WON that same day! It just all made sense. It all flowed together, from the bride and groom passing each other on the South Street bridge without a glance on their way to the first look, to the two of them dancing their way down an excited parade of people who all love them into their reception of the epic Museum hall. One minute happy tears during speeches and parent dances, the next, being tossed in the air with all the adrenaline one could possibly take. It was one of those weddings where your body is still buzzing at the end. So, I really wanted to share it. Never too late to share a day full of joy.