Hello world! It’s been roughly 9 MONTHS since I’ve last blogged. Woah. That’s crazy. But my media/marketing all that jazz always seems to fall by the wayside, even though all the while I’ve been shooting stuff I have truly loved and deserves to be shared. But since we last connected on here, I did a little thing like move to California, moved back, opened a brand new photography studio in Philadelphia…etc. Oh yeah! And I got my yoga teacher training certificate! And this experience is what led me to these two lovebirds…Kat & Alex.

As I’m writing, I’m realizing I need/want to share my yoga story with you, and the photos I took during the time I spent in the beautiful French Alps. But that’s a different blog post, and maybe now that I’m back writing and sharing I’ll keep this going. The point is – that after 9 months, THIS shoot, this experience has inspired me to blog. Because LOOK at this! I mean, I got to shoot a real bride and groom who just got married IN THE FRENCH ALPS! So yeah, sharing was never a question. I’m just sorry it took me so long to do it!

I met Kat & Alex in Geneva, Switzerland while they were honeymooning in Europe. They met in Sydney Australia, where they both live together now, in yoga class, where Cat was teaching and Alex was a student. (I love that!) Kat & Alex happen to be good friends with Simon Park and Noelle Connolly who were the lead teachers for the Liquid Flow advanced teacher training program in Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval, a tiny little town up in the French Alp mountains…more beautiful that you could ever imagine. So they decided to spend a few days with us before the program started. Anyway! We all found ourselves on our way up into the mountains at the same time. I felt pretty special that I was invited to hang out with the teachers, and their friends a few days early. After a skilled game of luggage tetrus for their European spaceship rental car, I put all the pieces together, and realized that the big white bag on top of all the luggage was Cat’s WEDDING DRESS! They were traveling from Colorado where they had a small intimate ceremony with family friends, onto and through Europe, and then back to Australia. I immediately asked, “does Alex have his suit?!” and when the answer was yes, I knew what had to happen. Because I just so happen to have all my pro gear with me since I was shooting the story of the yoga teacher training program. I was a wedding photographer, who happen to meet a couple that just got married, who had their wedding clothes with them. AND WE WERE ALL IN THE FRENCH ALPS TOGETHER. Done and done!

Please enjoy the magnificent views, spectacular scenery, but most importantly the undeniable love and romance between these two. It was a dream. I love a bride who wants to put on her hiking boots in her wedding dress and climb several thousand feet through the forest to find the waterfall. Yes please. Every time. Thank you Kat & Alex for adventuring all over with me. What an incredibly beautiful experience.


We had a ton of fun. It was an adventure scaling that mountain and shale rocks, with water running down from everywhere. But we made it. And my impromptu, ridiculously long, hot pink USB chord belt saved the day, and my pants from falling down. Iphone shots behind the scenes below. What a fun thing I get to do. Thanks Kat & Alex for being up for this adventure, and for your incredible patience as I took all summer to post these. You guys were amazing!!! xoxo